About Us

Tatul was developed by a creative design team focused on aesthetics and healthcare. We have been at the forefront of medical technology for over thirty years. By combining our love of skin and science we’ve created Tatul.

Tatul is an innovative new process to brighten and refresh tattoos. In just minutes, our rechargeable handheld device works on the skin’s surface without harming the underlining ink. It’s safe, quick and painless.

Exfoliating regularly and lathering up your skin with lotions and body butters cannot do what Tatul will do for your skin. The diamond-coated brightening head removes the rough, hard, opaque skin that covers the colors of your tattoo. Once removed, a specially formulated serum is applied to hydrate the area and bring your tattoo back to life offering you long term results.

This product is covered by numerous patents including US Patent no. 6,241,739. Other worldwide US patents pending.